signature bites

crab & scallion hushpuppies with chipotle remoulade

fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese & pineapple-tabasco jelly

grilled southwestern deviled egg on white with pickled radish

grilled picante pimento cheese with hothouse cucumber & candied bacon

black bean, jalapeno salsa fresca & cilantro pesto crostini

apple-smoked bacon meatballs in a smoky adobo pesto

resort’s turkey meatballs with tomatillo chimichurri

salmon croquette with tomatillo salsa

burnt tomato & chipotle goat cheese crostini with balsamic glaze

slow roasted pork crostini with adobo bbq & pickled vidalia onion

panko fried pork belly crostini with herb-tomato salad & tomatillo salsa

pickled georgia shrimp with lime adobo & avocado

chili-mesquite grilled shrimp, tomatillo chimichurri & pickled red onion

watermelon & feta skewers with a roasted chili vinaigrette

carolina crab cakes with chipotle aioli

mesquite chicken & pineapple skewers with ancho creme fraiche

green fried tomato with vidalia bacon dressing & chipotle goat cheese

avocado mousse & hothouse cucumber squares with ancho aioli

sweet corn fritters with chipotle remoulade

southern slow roasted boiled p’nuts with a hint of chipotle


creamy grits with mesquite shrimp & fire roasted tomato

picante pimento cheese grits with wilted greens & bacon

mascarpone cheese grits with fried pork belly & chipotle aioli

watermelon spoon with balsamic reduction & mint

iron skillets

(minimum 40); all served with rustic farm bread

chorizo & spinach fondue with crudite

gorgonzola & chipotle fondue with fire roasted cherry tomato & crudite

rustic crab fondue with ancho creme fraiche


crudite – shaved carrot, radish, jicama, cucumber & toasted country bread with our vidalia bacon dressing and seasonal spreads.

pickles & jam board - house made picante pimento cheese, bread & butter pickles, spicy seasonal pickled veggies, house made jams, fresh fruit & grilled bread


champagne crudite with seasonal veggies and vidalia bacon dressing

deconstructed chicken enchilada cup with fried tortilla strips

sweet potato hash cup with pasilla chimichurri

chipotle-pineapple pulled pork deconstructed with jalapeno slaw

picante pimento cheese mac & cheese cups

gorgonzola, chipotle & candied bacon mac & cheese cups